About Us


Athens Professionals for Philanthropy (APP) is a group of Athens County citizens interested in enhancing the quality of life in our community through collective action. We’re just like you. Some of us are working professionals, some parents, some are new to the area, and some are life-long townies. One thing connects us all – our love of Athens and the desire to make sure it only gets better.

By pooling our resources, we hope to make a greater impact on the community than we can individually. Through raising awareness of community needs and facilitating a democratic grantmaking process, we aim to engage as many community members in philanthropy as we can. For current events and updates, check out our Facebook page.


To make Athens County a better place to live and work by engaging and involving emerging philanthropists through grantmaking, developing a permanent endowment, and raising awareness of community needs.


The Annual Gift: Each year, APP awards one local non-profit organization a grant – fully funded by you, our donors. But money isn’t the only thing that comes from our donors. Anyone who has given to APP within the year can nominate the non-profit they believe should receive the grant. All donors then vote, with the most popular nomination receiving the grant.

Through this unique, democratic grantmaking process, we hope to inspire cooperation and collaboration to maximize our impact in the community.

Understanding Community Needs: Whether you’re new to the area or have lived in Athens County for decades, there’s always more to discover. Our community, while a wonderful place to work and live, has serious needs that cannot be ignored. APP seeks to raise awareness of these needs through educational, social, and hands-on events held throughout the year.

Developing a Permanent Endowment: The biggest needs in our community won’t go away tomorrow or next year – or in 10 years. That’s why we put a portion of all the money we raise into a permanent endowment. A strong, growing endowment will ensure our ability to continue addressing Athens County’s needs for years to come. We’re here for Athens today, and we’ll be here for Athens tomorrow.