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The Athens County Public Libraries have a long-standing and robust tradition of providing free and welcoming literacy and enrichment opportunities to families and youth. At our seven county locations and through visits to schools, childcare centers, and community events, youth are empowered and encouraged to grow into strong, creative, and responsible members of the community. Giving youth the freedom to explore the world of ideas, to experience the joy of art and literature, to learn, and to share themselves are values the library holds dear.

The Athens County Public Libraries celebrate children from infancy through early adulthood by providing print and digital resources, gathering places, warm relationships, and a huge number of enriching programs. Nearly 4,500 youth participated in our “Summer at the Library” programs last year alone.

What you can do

The libraries are always on the look out for building stronger community partnerships, particularly working together to bring opportunities and resources beyond Athens city and into the county.

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