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Arts Education Program

For almost twenty years, Stuart’s has been a community center for the arts. On average, Stuart’s provides 24,000 visitors with over 75 events a year, including music concerts, theater performances, film festivals, free outdoor summer concerts, educational events, a four day music festival, and private rentals. Our art programming and educational outreach keep us heavily involved with the underserved population of Nelsonville and surrounding communities through cooperative participation in and preservation of the arts. Stuart’s is guided by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that is comprised of active citizens of Nelsonville and surrounding communities.

Our Arts Education Program furthers our mission by providing much needed art education and inspiration to the under-served our region. Each facet of the program has its own program description which fulfills our program goal to offer an affordable, broad-based program focused on the performing arts. The special events, afterschool, day-time classes, and summer programs allow for Arts Education that reaches Southeast Ohio residents of all ages and backgrounds. The overarching outcome of our program is diverse participation where community identity can be freely and openly expressed. Our program is designed to be flexible and responsive to community need.

Under the branch of Stuart’s Art Education Program we offer: theater performances for primary students; an afterschool music program; a visiting artist and artist-in-residence program; an Artists in Residency training program; a drama club and production for Nelsonville-York High School; a creative writing program for adults; regional coordination for the national Poetry Out Loud competition; private music lessons for children ages 6-18; an Appalachian Music Program in partnership with Athens County Public Libraries; and free admission to all children under 12 to our Nelsonville Music Festival.

An average of 7,000 students participate yearly in our Arts Education Program. We are even more excited to increase this once renovations are complete on our Education and Community Center in mid-2017. Stuart’s Art Education Program helps to further our mission and provide much needed education and inspiration to the underserved youth and adults of the region.


Stuart’s Opera House is the cornerstone of the historic Public Square in Nelsonville, Ohio. It is dedicated to its role as a regional leader in the arts community, a center for public expression, and an economic development partner for Southeastern Ohio.

What you can do

Each facet of Stuart’s Arts Education program has it’s own sequentiality, which fulfill our program goal. Our responsive program is informed by Arts & America: Arts, Health, & Wellness by Judy Rollins, in which she states, “The nature of the arts, with its focus on personal choice and self-expression, renders it a perfect tool for assuring person-centered care and care for the whole person.”

Curriculum is developed by recognized leaders in their artistic fields than yearly reviewed by Arts Education director, instructors, and members of the Arts Ed Committee which is made up of teachers, school board members, education administrators, and community members.

Our program is funded through a mix of fundraisers, grant organizations, and individual donations. To help increase access, our programs are provided for free. We are ready to accept donations and support and can tailor your gift to any facet of our program.

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